Kids Mat: Concentration<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 3558

Kids Mat: Concentration
Monica Wilson
Class 3558

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Laura J
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Love the class! I have brittle bones so this is helping strengthen them a lot. Thanks Monica:)
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Hi Monica,
I searched for classes I could do with my 6 year old daughter, and found your series. So glad I did! This first class on concentration was the spark and reboot I needed as a “stuck in a rut” instructor and lover of The Method.
Your beautiful and imaginative cues were not only fun, but also spot on. What a great way to truly feel and reconnect with the work, and in such a refreshing way!
We have been hunkered down for a few days now with Tropical Storm Barry, so your series is providing a much needed respite and recharge.  As a former NOLA gal, I know you get it! 
Thank you so much for bringing your joy and childlike enthusiasm to the mat. It is something that I will return to and even happily use these wonderful cues in my classes. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!! Keep doing what you do, Monica! Cheers to you! 
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Great !  A nice introduction to Pilates for children.
Lot of ideas and interesting imagery.  I did this class with my 2 grand daugthers, Jane and Adele (7 and 10) and we had fun.  Thank you, Monica !
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