Restorative Foam Roller
Meredith Rogers
Class 3557

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I hope your back feels better soon Sharon.
Glad this class is helpful to you.
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OMG what an excellent class! I got a back pain and this class was like a magic cure. Thank you very much.
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Thank you Meredith- that felt AMAZING. A brilliant antidote to a stressful day. I hope that your back injury is soon a distant memory.
So glad it was so well received in your bodies ladies.
Deana, my back feels all back to normal!
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This was an awesome class for my whole body specially for my back which is very tight from the previous day...I am feeling relaxed and relief  off the heaviness of my back...thank you Meredith
Great to hear Cigdem!
Thank YOU!!
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Just what I needed again today....fabulous!
I love this class so much! I do it whenever my lower back is feeling tight or when I want to stretch my whole body. It's an excellent way to start the day too! More classes like this would be fabulous.
Mandy thank you so much for sharing!
I'll try to make another one like it very soon.
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great class when my back is tweaky!!! Is it possible to link to the reformer class that you refer to at the end of video? Can someone reply with the link? keep up the great work and attitude I appreciate it!
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