Clear and Concise Mat<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 3571

Clear and Concise Mat
Karen Sanzo
Class 3571

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I loveee your classes Karen Sanzo ! You are really great !
Marlo P
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thank loved the variations. and cues
Thank you Karen. Great cueing and good stretch.
Thanks Karen, you always add that extra bit of intention of the movement and knowledge of Pilates.
I liked the variations like 'holding like a ball'.  It is so great to learn from others.  Thanks 

Tracy H
This is a great routine. I teach pilates (or was teaching before the pandemic), and as one of my instructors told me, you can get a good workout in 1 or 1/2 class. This is a good example of that. It's beginner enough to make it accessible, but it's still challenging.

Great side lying variation for abductors.  Simple instructions on angle, opposing action into the floor, and arm position will make for a hip opener revealing for you and your students.  I plan on teaching the "reaching arm abduction".
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