Active Aging Reformer<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3604

Active Aging Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 3604

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Great workout for anyone. Thanks for all the tips.  THANKS FOR POSTING THE NOTES. ❤️
Michelle W   I have a Peak reformer as well.  
Yellow spring on Peak = red on balanced body (full),
 Red spring on Peak = green on balanced body (extra heavy), 
blue is the same on both (1/2),  
Green on Peak = yellow on balanced body (1/4) 
Hope that helps.  
Michelle W There is also a guide on the Pilates Anytime website that helps you interpret the differences between your equipment and what the instructors may  be using. It shows you the setup of all the major brands and maybe can let you mentally prepare in advance what spring settings correspond to whatever the instructor of the video you are watching that day may be using,
Loved it. There's room to grow on releve in the well and I maaaay have wiped out in the well with my eyes closed, but hey, that means there's room to grow! I struggled bc my Aero has round shoulder pads which I struggled with on the first leg on the bent knee work, but by the second leg, I put my headrest extra pad between the shoulder pad and my foot and that was the perfect solution to ease the spinning shoulder pad frustration! So a tip to anyone else struggling with that.

But THE REAL question is, where did Amy's cute top come from? What brand is that? I love how many of the instructors go with the colors of the water and sky and blend so perfectly into the window/ocean.  Such a beautiful calming aesthetic!!!
Appreciate this thoughtful session, Amy! Felt great on my 52 year old body and Osteoperosis hips (bone density scan recently revealed that little nugget), so I am all about building bone in a safe and fun way. I loved the footwork with arm weights and the standing balance leg work so much I've paid it forward with my clients, and they loved it too! Thank you!!
Dawn P
this was great trying to keep strong & balanced for hip replacement on Dec 5. Thank you
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