Pilates Mat and Gait<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 3629

Pilates Mat and Gait
Tom McCook
Class 3629

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Velma Davis-Wheeler
Tom McCook is an excellent instructor, I enjoyed this class. I felt an improvement in the release of my scapulothoracic stiffness. I learned new ways to isolate the AC, GH, and scapulothoracic joints at the same time of letting the muscles flow together.  I am excited about sharing my new knowledge with my pilates clients and PT patients.
Sincere thanks,
Velma Davis-Wheeler, PT, DPT, CPI
Dear Velma D,  Thank you for your detailed feedback! It's great to hear you were able to embody the intentions of the class! Enjoy sharing with your clients and all the best to you!
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