Functional Reformer 2
Tom McCook
Class 3630

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What a calming,productive session Tom. Just reconnected to my body and felt really open. Thank you šŸ™
Thank you Lynn and Tisha for you feedback, I appreciate. I'll keep your request in mind Lynn for my next visit to PA. Sending you both my best
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I cannot even begin to tell you how much I needed this class today! Iā€™m so glad I chose this one! Your voice was almost meditative to me. Thank you Tom!
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Thank you dear Tom for sharing your knowledge, your new ideas...the balls under feet...the saw on reformer...
But most importantly your cues with your soothing calming voice...
It's a treat šŸ‘šŸ‘Œ
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wow what an amazing class. i love the cues and especially the ones about clavicles. you made my may, thank you for everything Tom McCook !
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Thank you Tom as you have a gift using subtleties in your cueing to align the body for optimal muscle innervation! Loved the lunge variation with pressing hip into hand to feel the glute first then the slight bias to open the front! Same with short spine the narrowing and widening of the pelvis first then lifting into a plie then the breath through the sternum opening chest and using oblique slings and lengthening the low back and getting width across the pelvis. Really great stuff!
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So rich. Thank you, Tom
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Thank you all for you're inspiring feedback!! Really happy to hear you're appreciating the embodied anatomy to upgrade the experience and quality of movement. Enjoy and all the best to you all.
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Thank you for a great workout with awesome imagery.
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I really enjoyed this class. The clavicle cue was spot on for avoiding any stress in this movement. Thank you!
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