Ab and Shoulder Reformer
Trent McEntire
Class 3624

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Thank you, Trent. Great cueing to connect the breath to the abdominals and the shoulders. Loved the creative variations. I do not have the Arcus, so I attached the roll down bar to the straps to get a similar feel and it seems to work pretty well, especially for the spine twist.
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Great class! Thank you, will do this often.
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So great, thanks Trent. Here in Melbourne during this second wave lockdown, it's hard to connect the breathe, as anxiety creeps in and f#$%s it all up! It was so good to have something to really think about (shoulders/abs) and i loved the reference that when the breathe flows, it feeds the message to the abs, and in turn tells the shoulders what to do. Thank you for taking my mind off all this mess in the world!
Olivia Such kind words!  Thank you!  I’m glad you like it!!
I’m new to reformer and did not know what springs to use??
I feel a bit like I got in an Arcus infomercial. I was on straps.
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I stopped counting how many times I've done this class. 
She is my go to! The body feels amazing :)
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Trent I LOVE coming back to this video! Hope to see more from you soon on Pilates anytime
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