Jump Board Coordination<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3674

Jump Board Coordination
Amy Havens
Class 3674

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Love this class and love your teaching style. Very challenging and fun!
Thank you so much Marianne S !!
Absolutely loved this class, I used a magic circle rather than ball. Ha Amy you’re so right, the standing swan at the end really is heaven on earth. Thank you
L P Glad you enjoyed this class and were able to use the magic circle instead.  Great idea!

L P so happy you enjoyed this class, thank you for being here!!  Glad that Swan-ish movement felt like heaven for you too!
Elizabeth S
Brought back the fun in moving my body!  But what I like best about your workouts is that you are  reasonable and say things like "take it where you need to go."  ... I used a 5 lb medicine ball for a little more arm work.  Just have to be careful not to drop it. 
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