Used Pilates Equipment For Sale and Needed

Hi! I am new member of the "Pilates instructor community" and am in the process of finding some quality used equipment to get my small, private studio off the ground. In particular, I am looking for spine correctors (preferably the clara step barrels), wood reformers, ladder barrels, chairs and ped-o-puls etc. If you are offering anything that you think might be beneficial, please contact me at your convenience as this is a serious inquiry. I am currently in South Florida but will be moving to Atlanta within the next three weeks so I am open to a road trip as long as it is on the East Coast. Thanks in advance!
I am interested in purchasing a gratz or basil reformer. If you have one in good condition please email me at

I'm looking for a gratz pilates reformer and wunda chair. I live in British Columbia so would need the equipment to be shipped.

please email me at

I am looking for 2 wall units/towers. Step barrels and a jump board. If you are in California or oregon and have items to sell please let me know!
Thank you!
Oopsie, forgot my email!
I am very interested in purchasing a Balanced Body studio reformer for my home studio. If you have one to sell or know of anyone interested in selling one, please contact me at

Thank you!
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I am very interested in purchasing a gently used balanced body or peak cadillac
Sorry forgot to mention i live in Michigan but willing to travel to purchase, would like to keep the cost around $2500. If you have one to sell or know of anyone interested in selling one, please contact me at Would also consider a gratz cadilllac but not a stott
Sorry I forgot to mention that I live in Michigan but would be willing to travel to states that are close. Ohio, Indiana, or Illinois. Look to spend no more than $2500. would also consider a Gratz cadillac but not a Stott
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I am selling a Peak Pilates reformer, leather straps, springs 1 year old, jump board, dowel and box included asking $1200 neg. Perfect condition. please email me at if interested
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