Creative Mat Variations<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 73

Creative Mat Variations
Meredith Rogers
Class 73

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Such beautifully nuanced work. Yup, still enjoy this one tremendously. Slow and deliberate but without any lulls this is a perfect December rush rush antidote. Thanks.
Thank you my sweet Joni! Merry Christmas to you and yours.
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I love your classes, Meridith! The pace and cues are perfect to energize your whole body. Thank you so much for your excellent workouts.
Thank YOU CADM. You found an oldie!!! :)
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Love it! My thoracic spine needed the snake 🐍 articulation exercises 🤣 Thank you for another brilliant class. Absolutely wonderful 😘
Kylie thank YOU for going back to the archives for this one!  It was one of my very first classes.
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"Squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze shoulders down please!" I like the rhyming cueing of some of these older videos. Good workout which made me go from barely awake to just about ready to function throughout my day :) And a new Mermaid variation to add to my collection of about a hundred or so.
Ivan Z 
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