Releasing Mat<br>Christi Idavoy<br>Class 3711

Releasing Mat
Christi Idavoy
Class 3711

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I loved this class and the focus on the feet.  They are so often ignored and so important for pelvic floor function.  That toe stretch hold was murder.  lol  XO
Cynthia G
Loved this class.  Its been years since I have been able to attend a Feldenkrais session.  So geed to feel that again.  Agree, the Hanna book is difficult to follow but I will get it out again after this class, I'm sure it will make sense.  Yes agree, thanks PA
Hi Christi, this is such a great class; thank you. I really enjoyed it and you’ve got me thinking. I’m curious about the little bouncing movement you do at the end, is it to help settle fascia/tissues after all the strong release work prior? Feels lovely And I was blown away by how much easier my squats were at the end!
Janie J
Excellent class.  This was so good to help clients feel there bodies.  Thank you
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