MELT for Your Feet<br>Sue Hitzmann<br>Class 3741

MELT for Your Feet
Sue Hitzmann
Class 3741

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great practice and lots of really valuable information. Speaking slower and giving time for the information to land would make it even better
Charlie F
I loved it! I do a lot of activities that are hard on the feet like skiing, tennis, and dance. I think this will help a lot.
Sue S
Loved the class, thank you! My first one here on PA. I hope you will add more classes using what my pilates teacher refers to as "spikey" balls as I absolutely love the release from this practice. What would be the equivalent for upper body?
I love this! I’ve taught Vaganova based ballet for 30 years and have used golf balls on the feet but only recently heard of the MELT method. I am totally intrigued by this. I may see if there is an online training program that fits my schedule.
Sofie van der Sommen
I've been doing your melt work since 2018, always super! Are you going to do more on PA in the future?
Cheryl Z
have the book love the MELT very balancing
Sue S
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Sue Hitzmann Love this class. Amazing how much better you feel just working on one tiny area of the body. Please do more melt classes on PA 
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