Creative Mat Work<br>Serafino Ambrosio<br>Class 3759

Creative Mat Work
Serafino Ambrosio
Class 3759

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What an enjoyable refreshing class!! Thank you so much!!
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absolutely  LOVE this !
Valentina C
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Ciao Serafino, una fantastica lezione di pilates, grazie mille da Valentina from Frascati 
Melanie C
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Perfect to shake off self-isolation cobwebs! Love the energy and the ex-dancer in me loved the sequencing :)
i am zoo happy you enjoy this class...keep moving and GROOVING ! ciao Serafino 
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Love the variety :)
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Love your choreography, interesting and fun :)
Cynthia G
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wow  bit of my own choreography here and there.  thanks for challenge
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It was fun. Classes like this make you think so much, it's hard to realize how much you are working.  The choreography often moved me away from my viewing screen, so i constantly had to re-position to face the screen.  I have taken yoga flow classes that are similar.  You just have to take them several times to get them right.   Thanks Serafino:) 
Yulia G
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Wow! That was so fun and energetic pilates!

Grazie mille amico!!!
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