Unwinding and Releasing<br>Gia Calhoun<br>Class 3861

Unwinding and Releasing
Gia Calhoun
Class 3861

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Thanks for this class it gave me the idea to use a rolled towel with my beginners - the intermediates can do it with a roller x thanks for the  inspiration 
Katherine W
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You are a wonderful, calm instructor with excellent cueing. I enjoy the use of the Parasetter for opening up my chest and back.
Thank you so much, Katherine W!
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Great stretches!  Super class!
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Love these effective movements done so beautifully.   
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Thank you Gia for this great series. I truly enjoyed it.
Kelly O
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Thanks Gia, It was lovely and relaxing. Its just what i needed.
Gianna  A
Ive never seen a parasetter before and this is such a great class for resetting the spine :) Loved this class! 
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