Release with the Egg Ball<br>Mary Bowen<br>Tutorial 3884

Release with the Egg Ball
Mary Bowen
Tutorial 3884

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Miss Mary, thank you for your passion—-you are most inspiring.  Your Egg Balls and straps would be a blessing to work with in my Studio and on my Scoliosis.  Please advise on purchasing. Linda

I think what I am the most thankful for is that Joseph Pilates has inspired super interesting humans to deeply think about and experience movement- and then share it w others. This video is gold and the amount of wonderful and hilarious bits of wisdom you shared —- thank you- it’s all so valuable. The yawn / throw up part! Awesome.
Thank you Mary for sharing your valuable knowledge, very gratefull.  I loved your turorial and the just be and let it happen.  I cant wait to try what you have just taught us.  I see on your website where one can purchase the straps but I would love to purchase the balls as well can you send the link for the balls.   

Kind regards
Theresa Raess
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