Fundamental Mat Connections<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 3892

Fundamental Mat Connections
Karen Sanzo
Class 3892

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You are brilliant Karen Sanzo! I love your classes Love the way you imstruct. Learning a lot from you Thank you so much!
Thank you very much, perfect class, you deserve a statue!!  
Thank you Karen for,another great session so much info packed in. Thanks also to your lovely volunteer who worked so hard 😀
Alexandra L
I love this class. It moved so I didn't get bored, and it felt the perfect level of challenging and doable. Also-it is nice to see someone doing these moves with a body that looks closer to mine; some of the things I struggle with in pilates are tummy and butt getting in the way, and watching how this wonderful person used her body made me understand how to use mine. Thank you SO much for your bravery, and thank you Karen for this awesome class! I would love to see more classes with curvy women!
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What a great way to start my 69th year! Thanks Karen, it’s so great to do the fundamentals, it shows me where I have gotten stronger.
I loved this class and I love Karen Sanzo! This is pretty genius stuff, in that these fundamentals are as challenging as you are ready to make them. I ended the class with a huge smile.
Great fundamental class.  I loved the variations and the sequencing of the exercises. Thank you! 
Michele S
Thanks to you both! I love learning from you, Karen!
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