Smart Moves Reformer 2<br>Jared Kaplan<br>Class 3901

Smart Moves Reformer 2
Jared Kaplan
Class 3901

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Paulina D
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Great session! Does anybody know which reformer brand to they use  in PA? 
Annie  Thanks so much!   I'm so glad to hear the creativity was inspiring.  Paulina These were filmed on Balanced Body Reformers, but they'll work just fine on ANY apparatus! 
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I was really looking forward to this class after taking the first Smart Moves Reformer class, and this one definitely didn't disappoint! I really appreciate moving in every plane of motion - sidelying, supine, standing, you name it, we did it. I love the incorporation of primal movement patterns, and how functional the whole workout felt. Several exercises seemed to build on things we'd done in the first class: in the first class we did forearm planking into the dolphin on the reformer, and in the second class we moved to a push-up position on the reformer, then side planking! My cranky hips always feel great after his workout and his teaching is clear, encouraging, and keeps me going. I enjoy returning to Jared's classes over and over.
Great to hear Janis ! I love hearing that your cranky hip felt BETTER after this challenging workout; that speaks volumes about the work.   Thanks for the compliments, and for taking both of these classes with me! 
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