Articulating Mat
Marimba Gold-Watts
Class 3903

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Thank you!  I’ve been on a hiking/biking vacation for three weeks and it was just what my feet needed!
Love ! Thanks for the great class!

What fun articulation and movement! Thanks Marimba Gold-Watts!!
It was a great class! Well studied. I learnt a lot! Thank you so much!
Loved it!  So great to try something different, thank you so much!
Thank you Marimba! I'm feeling fantastic right now🤩🌻🙏🏼
Really liked this class. Especially the side-laying variations! 
Most of this class is level .5-1. The last 5 minutes is level 2. Marimba does a real nice job with the class and it is fun, but it is very easy. I wore 5 lb leg weights and wished i added more weight. Great class if you are having a bad day or you feel under the weather.  Thanks Marimba:) 
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