90-Minute Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3911

90-Minute Mat
Amy Havens
Class 3911

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Thank you Amy Havens this was my gift to myself today as I turn 4-0! I carved out the time and feel great. Thank you also for your Tuesday live classes....really enjoying the physical but also the feeling of connection with the community. 
 Karen A Sharon Isadora Julia Rina Kerry Thank you all so much for leaving such positive and loving comments for this class!  90 minutes is no joke, glad you were with me!!
Katherine W
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This class was a great way to break away from my busy schedule and just focus on my body. Loved the pace and gentle cueing. Thank you! 
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I really enjoyed this class - I took it yesterday and I'm still thinking about how lovely it is. I really appreciated how the pace allowed me to stay intentional with my movements. Thank you, Amy!
Jordan R , thank you!!  This is how I like to move most days --- slower and more intentional.  I do enjoy a swifter and quicker workout too, but the slower pace allows me to really allow time to connect to myself...and right now, that's such a gift.  Thank you for taking this class with me.
Beautiful class, Amy!! So glad I had time to take it this morning.  I was looking forward to this all week!
Mona H
Absolutely love the pace. Glad I took the time out to do this.
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