Extension Reformer<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 3914

Extension Reformer
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 3914

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Rebecca V
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This felt insanely good! Thank you so much for this class! Definitely want to try incorporating some of these moves into my next class.
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perfection reformer class.  I rewatch this over and over again. Benjamin is a very giving, no nonsense classic teacher.
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I like this calm cueing but the cueing is complex I feel. The moves are more complex for sure - this is next level and I don’t have a lot of clients who are ready for this - how do we bridge beginning to intermediate to advanced I wish for more guidance on this topic thanks 
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How do I access the archival repertoire? 
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More back extension work,please The cueing on the long box swan was exceptional!
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Hi Benjamin - thank you!! The extension is everything I need right now and i loved the cues for back body even when the spine was neutral and also in plank/front support. I feel open!!
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