Get the Clients You Want<br>Jared Kaplan<br>Tutorial 3906

Get the Clients You Want
Jared Kaplan
Tutorial 3906

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Some great advice there on the "Beyonce client" to help with consistency, and also taking inventory of the green-yellow-red zone: luckily for me the few Red Zone clients dropped off due to circumstances, and with the Yellow ones I noticed that time goes by slower and you're checking the clock o see how much time there's still left in the session. With the green ones the time flies and I end up surprised that we already got through so much and the session is nearly done.

I do notice that even with the green clients, once in a while they seem to book a session just to check it off their to-do list and aren't really motivated on that day, i.e. trying to get ahead of the instructions and hurry up when doing a familiar exercise like they want to get it over with quickly, being lazy and less focused with the technique in general and being less engaged overall. Do you have any tips on how to switch things up on them if you notice something like this at the start or mid-session?
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Ivan Z great insights, and glad it makes sense for you.  My advice on keeping clients engaged goes back to a 'client-centric' approach.  Knowing their goals, what motivates them, why they show up, etc is key.  Sometimes simply mentioning it can help - ie  "hey, i'm noticing you want to zip through leg circles...." (listen for response) "can we make it more spicy? or can i show you something that may make it more ____. (easy, interesting, felt...)."   You can also simply change it up if they've totally plateau'd and need something new to challenge their brain/mind. 
Janetta M Glad to hear!  And LOVE that advice. Spot on.
That's a great idea, thanks Jared! Just point it out to them and re-engage them into the exercise. All great things are simple as they say :) I definitely like to switch it up in terms of the exercise line up here and there, and sometimes just give a class of only variations and mods or brand new exercises just to keep them on their toes and anticipating the next class more.
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