Active Aging Mat
Amy Havens
Class 3941

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Yes Maria P , for EVERY-BODY -- that's my goal with my work!!  Christine S , thank you for leaving this comment.  Yes, I hope the options given in this class are helpful for ALL types of movers!!
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This class is quiet in movement but there's still a lot going on.  For the practitioner who likes to exercise their interoception while moving.  Also a great set to take to clients in their homes if they are part of your Pilates customers.  I used an old washcloth on wood floor for the sliding sequence.
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Allison O , I always appreciate your comments to my classes, thank you so much!
I love this class Amy, I can't wait to try it with my ladies that have neck issues. 
Perfect for my active agers. Can you do more of these please! 
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