Shoulder to Core Connection
Tom McCook
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Thank you Theresa & Rachel,
Rachel consider the inner thigh relationship is part of the anterior oblique fascial sling. This includes the anterior serratus, external oblique on the same side, the internal oblique on the other side the the adductor on the same side as the int. obl. If your not feeling it, check to make sure your not allowing your pelvis to tip anterior and or allowing your front ribs to flair and practice consciously engaging them. All the best to you!
So helpful! Thank you Tom.
Hi Lisa P,
Thank you for your feedback.
You're very welcome!
Thanks for explaining so clearly.  The visual demonstrations with the skeleton help so much.  Love the hands on part to clarify the positions for my old brain. All those small moves make the bigger ones easier.  Will be back until this all settles into my brain.  
Hi Cynthia G.,
Thank you for your feedback, you’re on the right track when you mentioned the small moves make the bigger ones easier. That’s where the self correction lives. Sending you my best!😊🙏
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Dear Viola S,
Thank you and Happy Holidays!
WOW!!! thank you for this wonderful tutorial. It all makes so much sense and adds so much more understanding and joy to practice pilates! 
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