Day 7: Back Body Burn<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 3925

Day 7: Back Body Burn
Courtney Miller
Class 3925

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Just too good not to keep doing it!
Lost track of how many times I'm doing this but it's still so challenging and so good!
Short and sweet!
A good quick class. Thanks!
Marie Silva
Courtney Miller I wanted to thank you because didn't practice for a while and that program is helping me to get back into it!!! I love the mix of pilates, fitness and HITT in it.
So little time these days! But these short HIITs make me feel like I did a power workout!
THese are so good
Nina R
Please send me days 1 to 6 of series,
Marchel A
Hi Nina you can find the complete Ready Set Glow Challenge HERE 
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