Oov Rejuvenation Mat
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 4013

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Very exciting to think about and sense fascia & Oov at once! However, I was having trouble finding the placement of the Oov seamside and my armpit/side ribs. Perhaps this is just a very tender area for me but would love if you had any further guidance. Thank you!!
Alexx, thank you for your comment. Rather than placing your ribs on the side seam of the Oov, turn the Oov over such that the long indentation faces the mat. The smooth convex side will be toward the ceiling. Rest the ribs below your arm pit on the convexity of the Oov. Choose an area of contact that distributes pressure rather than concentrating it in one location.Please let me know if this is helpful. 
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Wonderful deliciousness. Tantric Oov - now that would be rejoovenating! Thank you so much - just what I needed 🙏
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Wonderful Series! And I love the interoceptive cues.  
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Love your voice and teaching.  Thank you for such a wonderful, playful, mobilizing class.  Will be doing this again and again :)
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This is my favorite class ever! what a wonderful teacher
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This has to be my favourite class ever. Completely unwinds tension with these gentle undulating movements that rock the body back and forth on the OOV but creating deep change in the nervous system, hips, spine...even the lungs.I would love more creative and rejuvenating OOV classes like this!Thank you so much Elizabeth. 
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