Day 7: Rolling<br>Carrie Pages<br>Class 4044

Day 7: Rolling
Carrie Pages
Class 4044

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Jana B
Super fun! Thanks!
Michelle H
So much fun! loved the last exercise! 
Awesome You gave Existing movements a whole new meaning! Love it!
MaLisa M
love the creativity!  the juxtaposition of the rolling around the clock and the swans - to the side body to plank and seal!  Great sequencing and inspiring.   Thanks again Carrie.   
Rhiannon W
Lots of laughs and giggles with the last exercise! very fun, thank you :)
Favourite one so far! Great fun and first time i have ever managed a teaser with straight legs... the challenge is working!
Andrea H
haha, man! Around the clock AND seal to standing - I was all over the place.  Thank you - it was indeed a fun workout (and I already feel my side abs)!
Loved it!
Rolling like a clock is so much fun ! I want to do this class everyday. Thank you so much Carrie.
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