Get Up, Stand Up!<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4116

Get Up, Stand Up!
Amy Havens
Class 4116

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This felt so good! Was a super fun class especially being pregnant.  Loving all the standing classes!! And the neck work is so crucial right now with all the online/zoom teaching! What a lovely way to start my day :)
Laura M , this is why I teach!!!  Thank you for this wonderful feedback!
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Thank you so much Kerry H GiorgiaGQ !!
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May I say I love the dog?
Thank you Mire !
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Thank you, Amy!  Nice to "see" you this morning!  Luna is so big!
I'm going back through your playlist and enjoying it!  Ooooooo, those lateral lunges really got me going:)
Hi ML  -- sorry I missed this comment from you!  Yes, and she's even bigger now, a whole year later!  Yes Kay L the lateral lunges are good ones, I agree!  Thanks for being with me gals!
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Hi Amy, I have done this video several times, but it has been particularly helpful today, two weeks into the Russian war in Ukraine.  I indeed have been feeling unbalanced, sitting aside and watching all the bad news on my phone.  Thanks so much for your timeless classes and your wisdom.  Peace....
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Terri B thank you for taking this class several times.  To hear that it's given you some relief and connection despite the challenges and stress we're under makes me very happy.  Thank you for seeing me!
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