All You Need is a Mat
Kristi Cooper
Class 4132

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Kristi ..... come visit Kenya 
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This class started a little slower than I expected, but I loved how it built. A good reminder that sometimes starting with fundamentals makes the rest of the workout stronger. And the eye workout was unexpected and fun!
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Thank you Kristi!  It's just what  I needed :)
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WOW! That is one on my favourite classes for opening up after spending so much time in front of a laptop. Thank you 
Thank you so much for sharing your lovely class! I really enjoyed the standing series at the beginning and found the eye exercises a great addition!  That is something I never think of doing and it is so important. Will try them out tomorrow with my clients. Best wishes always!!
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Best part of my day. Thank you! Your que’s were wonderful, felt like you were watching me. Lol
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