Invigorating Jump Board
Amy Havens
Class 4135

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Thank you Amy for this quick pick-me-up!  I really felt those abs working!
Shari Heather Heidi Marina Margaret Lauren Patricia Thank you so much gals!
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Jennifer Heidi Michelle Shannon I'm so happy you've all enjoyed this little workout!!
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Thanks fror getting me going today! I love jumpboard and your creativity!
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Perfect for what I needed today Amy. I am recovering from a broken elbow and trying to amp my workouts up without compromising my recovery.  The ball movement while jumping was so good for my recovering arm. This was just what I needed for my first post injury jump board work! Thank you.
Thank you Wendy and Carolyn !!  I'm so happy this felt like a good fit for both of you and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment for me!
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