Back to Basics<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 4166

Back to Basics
Meredith Rogers
Class 4166

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Alison W
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I enjoyed this - thank you. It's so good to do a calm, deep class.
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Haven’t been practising much in the last few days so this class was perfect!   Counting is boring but describing sensation is a wonderful way to help us connect. Thank you.
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Love the way this made me feel. I am new at Pilates and have only been doing it for about three weeks, but am learning so much!
Celeste E
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Love your cueing! Thank you.
Susan H
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Thank you for this mindful class.  Excellent.  
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Cueing is perfect; getting back to basics reminds me the details which are so important for performing and focusing on the exercises...I love basics; thank you so much xx
I just love the basics!  They are like coming home every time.
Thanks so much for coming and sharing your feedback!
Clemencia Puerta
I enjoyed a lot this class. It is particularly useful for debutants. Your cueing and dialogue is great. I always appreciate your explanations, since they are clear and very paceful at the same time, which is not easy to accomplish as an Instructor!... thanks Meredith... I will repeat this class many times :):):).... I would love my cueing in Spanish would sound as paceful as yours!!!!!!!!!
Magda P
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Dear Meredith, this is my favourite Pilates class so far. Thank you so much for helping me to be aware and precise of every movement , I feel amazing. I love your style of teaching and I agree that lots of movements might look "simple", but they can be the deepest. Looking forward to practice with you again. 
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No matter how I do the double leg side left, I do it wrong. When I use may front hand to support my body, I can lift both legs, but the hip I am laying on hurts. When I do not use my hand for support, I lose my balance on my side. I am not quite sure, what to do.
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