Integrating Bone Building
Sherri Betz
Class 4192

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Thank you Sheri Betz for an amazing class, I teach pilates but i think when you have the combined pyhsiotherapy background it's so much more valuable. I loved your detailed cues and the different options according to the different bodies. Really helpful to use for our clients. I especially loved the back release  and extension as I need these badly.

Taghrid thank you!  Enjoy!
During abdominal work supine you work in posterior tilt with low back to mat vs. neutral pelvis.  Is this only if you cannot maintain abdominal connection with neutral pelvis?
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This whole series is great! Getting a lot of ideas and slowly adding in some of these exercises for personal training with my senior clients. And this definitely serves as a great natural extension of the standard Polestar teacher training that I went through.
Great class! Really helpful for my clients (of any age) and myself. Loved the prone series. Thank you so much!
Love these informative classes THANKYOU!!

Such an educational class. Thank you so much. 
I loved this class and the challenge. thank you.
Thank You! This is great!
Very useful information for anyone interested in improving their movement, balance and strength!
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