Incorporating Flow
Brett Howard
Class 4201

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Happy Happy Anniversary! Thank you to both of you for sharing an awesome class on your celebratory day! 
Great class!
I like the towel tip for rolling down, but I need more help. So i used 5 lb leg and hand weights. I put the leg weights on in the beginning kept them on until the teaser series started. That worked well for this class. I got the leg weight idea for roll downs from Amy Havens and the hand weight idea from Courtney Miller.  Together, they are very effective for my short legged body. Great class. I had fun and feel much better. Thanks Brett:) Happy Anniversary Brett!
Happy anniversary! I loved this class. Thank you.
what a great video brett, love this! happy anniversary :)
I always know it is going to be a challenging and precise session with you. Never wasted time--- Love it!  Thank you!!!
What a fabulous class! Thank you! Belated Anniversary wishes! Stay safe and well..and Happy!
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Thanks Brett. So nice to meet your life partner in the context of such humane and compassionate rigor.
A great and challenging class! The hip flexor stretches at the end were very helpful and the up-tempo Hip Walks as well. I need a lot of work in the area of hip mobility and there was quite a bit on that front in this class.
Great class! And a belated happy anniversary!
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