Weighted Workout
Amy Havens
Class 4171

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Such a wonderful class! Nice modifications when needed. Loved the wrist one. Voice is very soothing and loved all of the muscle explanations too.
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Thank you Amy, fantastic class!! 🌻
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What a great workout!!!! Thanks Amy! 

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Great class and challenging. I used 3 lb weights and it was hard. Thank you Amy!
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Another great class, Amy! Thank you. It has been a bit of an 'under-the-weather' week and I needed to feel I still had some 'zhuzh' in me! That was just what I needed (I LOVE arm workout, especially with you!) - not to strenuous, but still a very good workout at a great pace, with your usual fab cues and beautiful energy. Back on track!
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Just what I needed today!! Thank you Amy :)
Gary M Jennifer U Joanne B BB Etaine C Judith H Abigail K thanks for taking class with me and way to go for going up to 2 and 3 lbs!!  
Maryann A Marina C Carla  Laurence F NoritaZ hey ya'll... .so happy you're enjoying this workout!!  And again, for those of you going up and using heavier weight, good for you!!
Laurence F hope you got to feeling better!!  :)
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Amy Havens I did indeed! Thank you for asking. Strange times we're in... sometimes one doesn't know whether it is the mind or the body that's a bit 'off'... Maybe both - or maybe none!... thanks to PA! ;) 
Sending lots of strong, positive energy across the Atlantic from autumnal London!
Laurence F I hear you on this.  Good thing we've got our movement practice, our curiosity and our community to keep us all together, right?!!    Thanks for sending your energy my way -- I'll take it!!  See you soon!
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