Weighted Workout
Amy Havens
Class 4171

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Thanks for the great class, Amy! I really enjoy working with hand weights, and the mimicking of the Reformer. I haven't been on a Reformer and am relatively new to pilates, but enjoy learning the different techniques. I added this one to my Favourites List. Stay well!!!
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Thank you Amy, another great all over stretch 
Thank you Jacquie W, so glad you enjoyed this class and welcome to Pilates!
Loving all of your classes, Amy!!
Thank you so much Ashley D , glad you're here with me!!
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amy, i'm wondering what kid of mat you use at home. looking for one that's extra wide. and thank you for your always inspirational classes.
Hi rebecca jane , simple yoga mat actually, but doubled so it's nice and thick.  I think the camera angle makes it look extra wide!  
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