What is a 'Pilates Body'? (Blog)

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Thank you, Roxy for this post. As a teacher who intentionally teaches to the peeps who are underrepresented, the stories I have heard regarding how they were treated when they walked into other studios makes me feel sorry for the self-hatred these peeps have for themselves. I've been in the fitness biz since 2008 and I have never experienced as much judgement, cliques and status quo as I have in the Pilates industry. This is why I stay in my Black, Queer and Sex Worker lane. How I am suppose to learn from others who don't respect me because of their biases.  I hope peeps take the test you linked so they can see that they aren't as 'open' as they think they are.

Love you!
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I loved your article!So true! Nothing good comes out of criticism and elitism! It is my belief that Pilates is for all! If you want yo make the effort and see deeper than a body type you will find ways to help. As Pilates teachers we have the tools ,we better have the hearts ! Thank you.It is nice to find out that someone acknowledges.
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Thank you Roxy, so helpful. I’ll be following up on all of the teachers you have mentioned to learn from them on how to change my language/cueing. 
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This article is a must read for all. Thanks for writing it.  Encouraging regular exercise is more important than what you look like.
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É preciso replicar este artigo no meu país, pois essa postura é bastante evidente aqui.
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Excellent article Roxy! Spot on! Thanks for intelligently and empathetically broaching a very challenging subject. A definite must read!
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Roxy, perfect timing I will begin my Pilates training in Feb and I am larger woman and am so happy to read this article. I am so happy I am beginning my new venture.
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I have been teaching pilates for 17 years now.  I have never come across a person with a large body, small body, gay, straight, black , white or whatever that I didn't work with 100%.  The saying ..... A longer leaner body is exactly what pilates gives you no matter what your body type.  You lengthen your muscles and connective tissue.  It's just a fact, why twist that into something wicked.  I personally don't know anyone teaching pilates that is of the caliber you're talking about.  I think you are looking for trouble where there isn't any.  
If this is true , I'm sure it's far and few between.  Anyone who studies to become a pilates instructor with all the work and money involved in that, loves what he/she does and loves to help people, all people of all races, sexuality and size.  Stop the bullshit   Goodnight and love what you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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Thank you so much for this article. I put-off training as a Pilates teacher as I didn’t believe I had the “typical” Pilates physique. I’m so glad I have now. I am accepting of my body and have been able to help others through my short  Pilates career already. It’s so rewarding, and I am definitely joining the movement for Pilates inclusivity!
Roseanne P If an individual is not aware of something does that mean it doesn't exist? 
This article is a reflection of what is and has been on in the industry for quite some time -- it's not my place nor anyone's else's to dismiss the feelings or experiences of so many--or narrow it down to, in your words as 'bullshit' or 'looking for trouble'.  If you read some of the other comments, it's apparent that many people resonate with this article.  If you care to delve deeper or learn for yourself, do a simple google search or read the Pilates forums.  You may surprised at what you come across.  You're right, in that, all Pilates instructors should love what they do and teach all, but nothing is that black and white and hence why articles like this exist.  
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