What is a 'Pilates Body'? (Blog)

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Hi Roxy
Thank you for responding.  I guess I'm not aware of the prejudice that you are speaking of.  Where does this exist.?  I'm serious .  I've studied in various places on Staten Island where I live and in New York City.  I've worked in gyms and pilates studios at various locations in the places I mentioned.  I've never witnessed any teacher acting in the kind of manner you're talking about.  I'm just surprised.  

If this is true, it is very important to bring out and to report to the Pilates Method Alliance Board I would imagine.  That kind of behavior should not be tolerated.  
I personally work with a larger woman who does extremely well with me because she gives 110% of herself.  She personally is a very confident woman and not insecure about the way she looks.  She just wants to feel better physically and to be able to move better.  
I still don't think the language is a problem.  What is said is how you feel not how you look.  
thank you for  opening me up to something I wasn't aware of.  
Happy Thanksgiving.

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Thank you so much for this blog post!  As a plus size woman I am continually anxious about how I will be treated when I go to a new Pilates or yoga studio.  I wish Pilates Anytime would be more size inclusive with their instructors.  
Well Well, I just finished reading both articles that you sent me.  I will be reading and re-reading them.  They are both thought provoking.  I chuckled at what is a Pilates body, only because I find me in it.  I am a newer instructor, I am 71 years old, I do not look like an athlete, and do not prefer to wear women’s workout clothing.  I have  some physical limitations… it is what brought me to try Pilates. I do have a background in sports and dance….but many  years ago.  I enjoy taking and teaching classes. I work at a recreation center that does not turn anyone away..yeah!, so that gives me the opportunity to work with young and elderly people, people with various disabilities, and sizes, and people who have never worked out to those that are quite fit, and  people come every week ready to learn what their bodies can do.  AT opens many opportunities for life lessons as well, Thank you!
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