Hug Your Midline<br>Kira Lamb<br>Class 4256

Hug Your Midline
Kira Lamb
Class 4256

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Hi Kira,
I really loved my first class with you!
Lots of great cues about how to master 'hug the midline' that I will definitely use with my clients.
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I agree with Melissa M~ Great Cues! I stuck with the program except I don't have a leg strap, but I do have leg weights and I am used to using them~ which works for me.  I got a good workout, had fun, and feel much better. Thanks Kira:) 
Diane M
Loved it,thank you!
Another great class. This is an amazing series!
excellent .... thanx 
Where have you  been all of my pilates life?!!!!  Love you!  
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Kira has a great approach to spinal extension that incorporates the big, superficial movers for a satisfying feel from shoulders to lumbar spine.  Follow her cues for using the triceps to keep you working those shoulders in extension.
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