Stand Strong
Viktor Uygan
Class 4365

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Burak O Yildizlar icin cok tesekkurler 🙏🏻
Kay L thank you so much for letting me know that you thought my class was a great mix of strength, flexibility, and balance. Keep moving, keep smiling 😀
Soleica D thank you for moving with me 🙏🏻 and Amazing comment 🤣
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Very nice class with lots of variations that I haven't known yet. Thank you, Viktor, I will surely put some more of your classes to my queue!
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Katia B so happy to hear you find many new variations in my class and you are planning to take more classes from me. Thank you for moving with me 
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Loved all the stretching with rotation, my back needed this today!  Thank You!

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Absolutely loving this series!  Very inspiring play on the Pilates exercises. Thank you Viktor! 
Helen S so happy to know you loved all the stretching with rotation, and help your back needed. Thank you for moving with me 🙏🏻
Louise K so happy to hear not only you loved my series, it was also inspiring. Thank you for moving with me 🙏🏻
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