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Amy H and Jared K
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Wendie S I wish I could broadcast this message so that EVERYONE can hear it. What a statement to health management, perseverance, embracing what opportunities present, and getting through to the other side!  Remarkable - thank you for sharing!!
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In my experience, people were desperate to reconnect with their Pilates communities.  I also believe that they feel safe and cared for in "the Pilates studio" as opposed to a large and sometimes impersonal gym environment.  The studio that I manage and teach in is a part of but  a separate space in a large gym so I have seen this happen.
I have lost a couple of great instructors recently because they are so inundated with private clients and increased classes in their own businesses.  I am sure that there is still a great future for all of us.
Sylvana M Deborah Wasko Jen H Raelea S Amy Goeldner Wendie S  thank you all so much for tuning into this webinar.  I do believe our industry will thrive, creativity will see us through and integrity is always in our hands.  Experiment, simplify, go solo or partner up w/ others, now is the time to try new things
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