Traditional Flow
Gia Calhoun
Class 4331

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Simona K ~ I'm so glad you've been enjoying my classes! Thank you for taking them!
I love it!! Feel so good- thank you Gia!
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Thoroughly enjoyed this class.  I really like 30 min classes as it fits in with my day, thank you.
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I loved this class but had issues in getting up to the v position from on the box.  Do you have any suggestions on what I can practice to be able to do this?  Gia Calhoun 
I'm so glad you enjoyed this class! Sheryl A - you can start with your legs bent as a modification so that the lever isn't quite as long. You can also try keeping your Footbar up and keeping your legs on there while you work on rolling your upper body up. I hope this helps!
Such a great class, I appreciate the traditional exercises being thoroughly and efficiently explained throughout the class. Also such a graceful teaser combo! :) 
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