Glued To The Wall
Alexandra Bohlinger
Class 4421

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Great class! Thanks for discovering the wall for me, best wishes Silvia :)
Hi Silvia P, Thank you! I love the wall, the more I explore the wall the more I get from it, its gold! xoxo
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Efigenio A Thank you!! 

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fantastic  class .. i loved it.   you were clear, challenging, just a pleasure to do the work.   thank you.
Yaffa M Oh thank you so much for your positive feedback, I'm glad my cues are helpful! 
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I’ve always been a fan of using the wall. Your cuing was spot on with the what needed to be felt to get max results out of the exercises. More please. Thankyou.
Hi Natasha M that is wonderful to know that my intentions came across and you were able to feel in your body, hooray! Thank you for your lovely feedback. xoxo
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