Calming Nerves
James Crader
Class 4423

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Theresa B Thank you! And for me (and where this series is leading) how might these moments spent moving with me inform your greater Pilates / embodiment practice? Glad you enjoyed it!
Maria W Thank you so much! That lands with me as a very high compliment - I truly appreciate it and hope you do come back to revisit the class.
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OMG I Totally Love you! Thank you for this liberating session :) So very different approach to body movement and so enjoyed it! You so made made laugh as well I was literally laughing out loud on my own here 😂 Are you rolling like a ball, well don’t hahaha. What a great session Def revisiting it a few more times! X
Ilja Thank you so much! I really appreciate your commenting. I hope when you revisit you find even more enjoyment than the first go 'round. 
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I really like the class. I will try your other classes. 😍
Hung F Thank you! I hope you enjoy the rest of this series (and other classes) as much. 
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You are amazing !!!! Loved every single second
Adriana V Thank you very much!
Really enjoyed this playful exploration James and looking forward to the rest!  Thank you!
Louisa Harris Thank you! Hope you found the rest of the series as enjoyable. 
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