Shoulder Girdle Carriage<br>Rachel Taylor Segel<br>Class 4442

Shoulder Girdle Carriage
Rachel Taylor Segel
Class 4442

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I again took Rachel's class after a separate 20 minute warm-up class.  Then I gave myself permission to watch and listen to the first couple of reps that Shireena demonstrates.  That's a big chunk of time but worth it.  I found that if I tried to just do these classes on verbal cues that I couldn't absorb everything.  The "blades leading" theme to this class was a freeing change to lots of exercises we're familiar with but don't deploy this way.  Learned so much today about the leadership potential of the shoulder blade.
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I nominate Shireena for demonstrator of the year, if there is such a thing.
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I’ve been binge watching all of your videos Rachel! So many wonderful cues and concepts. Thanks for all of your amazing work…this video in particular :)
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Awesome class Rachel. I learned so much! Thank you!
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Hi Rachel, just did this one for maybe the 10th time at least, so fantastic and I feel totally heated through, able to lift collarbone without ribs….thank you always 💕♥️💕
I am so happy Billie that you enjoyed it that many times!!! Thank you! You made my week(-:
Hi Rachel! still doing this one once a month, don't know if you're still reading this in your happy retirement but thank you again and always! Makes my whole shoulder/neck area feel alive!  xoxoxo
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