Building Your Foundation
Amy Havens
Class 4443

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Wonderful class! Reminded me how important breathing is/can be to get the most out of Pilates. I've been practicing for 25 years and I LOVED this
Thank you so much Jackie H and Paulina !  Glad you got a chair for your home practice, yay!!

Samantha M thank you, yes... I'm a big believer in offering the breath focus to all students whenever possible.  It's so important to be conscious of the breath in our movements.  Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment here.
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I literally just placed my new Wunda chair in my bedroom after driving it home from Santa Barbara!  How fortunate to have your series to teach me how to best use it. I know I will learn to use this apparatus safely and effectively with your wise instruction.  Thank you Amy!
Joni N , yay, a new Pilates toy for you!!!  I so appreciate your comments here, thank you.  Let me know how you get along with this class and future classes with the Chair!!
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Absolutely loved this class thanks Amy, perfect description of starting out on the Wunda Chair and moving through progressions! I love how you explain the exercise focus and your super helpful cues. Thank you.
Thank you so much Kelly M , glad you found my teaching informative and beneficial!
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