Strengthening Wunda Chair<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4445

Strengthening Wunda Chair
Amy Havens
Class 4445

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Thanks Amy!
Annette F
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How do you know which is the first in the progression etc?  I tried finding....
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Annette F , the three class series is in the Wundaful-Wunda Chair Program !  Let me know if you still need help finding it!

Hi Amy

I love your teaching.  You take the time to step by step teach proper form.  As a former dancer, I love and always need and appreciate that.  You have a passion for doing and teaching.  You are one of the teachers I always go to for creativity in the system. 
Velma Davis-Wheeler
I enjoyed the 3 wunda chair progression classes. I learned how to transition into different pilates movements on the chair such as the swan. My body felt wonderful after each class. Thank you, Amy
Nice challenge. I really enjoyed this series. Thank you! 
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