Heart Opening<br>Jason Williams<br>Class 4573

Heart Opening
Jason Williams
Class 4573

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Lyn G
Thank you
This was the most interesting 100 exercise I have done so far, love it!
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I came back to this series after a long time away for recuperation.  This heart-opening class is especially good for getting back into some bigger movements if you've been moving small or taking time away from vigor.  Shine your heart out there with this class.
Jason Williams
Lisette-Anne V glad you liked the 100.  🙏🏾😃
Jason Williams
Allison O Glad you came back to check out the heart session.  Thank you 💚
Heather J
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Love this thank you!
Jason Williams
Heather J you’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed it 🙏🏾😃
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Just what I needed today. Love for me, indeed
Jason Williams
Melissa C Lovely to hear it! Thank you for watching :)
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