Calming Mat Flow<br>Delia Buckmaster<br>Class 4612

Calming Mat Flow
Delia Buckmaster
Class 4612

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Joanna T
Just what I needed today! Thank you 😊
That was a great whole body flow, thank you Delia! 
Loved this class and every class you teach!!
Carolina H
Thanks for the class! This was perfect to calm my nervous system and just what I needed, so glad I found it! The slower movement and different perspectives made it feel really fresh for me. I feel that I need to also allow myself to do more free movement without "rigidity" and overthought. Saved to favorites. :)
Thank you Delia, So loved this class - its exactly what my body and mind needed today.  I have watched a few times now and will come back to it again as I feel so good afterwards.  Perfect for a Sunday morning.   I'm most grateful...
Julie Lloyd
This is super good Delia. I really enjoy the strength/mobility balance. This class has made me feel more aligned and open. It was so enjoyable to do. Thank you.
Natasha R
I am mega sick with Covid but really needed to get some movement in and this was perfect. Every one of your classes is just perfect, you are such a stellar teacher Delia. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise 
Great routine and queue. Tks from Miami, Delia
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