Strengthening Reformer Class
Chris Robinson
Class 4585

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Fab pace felt warm and great
Love the fast pace and heart rate increase! So efficient and interesting that I didn't mind getting lost a few times, just did a modification at my own pace until I could catch up.
Great, face-paced class! I’ll be doing this one on the regular with the goal of one day being able to match his pace. Loved it!
That was fun! Great workout in a short amount of time. Those teasers were not my finest moment. :) Definitely had to pause a few times to catch up and get my springs set, but I will do this class again in the future and I’ll be better prepared. 
A little quick for my body but. loved the athletic nature of the class.  I will try again and be better for it, I'm sure!  
This was waaaay faster than I expected.  There was little time for spring or bar changes.
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The speed made it difficult to change springs and positions. I felt I missed a lot of exercise just trying to play catch up
Great!  Good total workout in a time frame that can be fit in when time is limited.  Thank you.
Too fast!
Wow, talk about flow.  Happy that I could pause and rewind.  Nice work.  Thank you
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