Strengthening Reformer Class<br>Chris Robinson<br>Class 4585

Strengthening Reformer Class
Chris Robinson
Class 4585

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Nic L
can you explain how the number of springs correlate to the colours? i have a peak reformer 1 red , 2 yellows and 1 blue
Vanessa M
Great but too fast
Faby B
So let me tell yout his Chris: YOU ARE AWSOME!! Great class for me to heat my body and go for a run. All the muscles were perfectly targeted!!! now I will follow your classes!!!
Velma Davis-Wheeler
Hi Chris
I enjoyed the class. The pace of the pilates’ movements was different for me, an interesting challenge. I liked the way you taught Climbing the Tree on the short box.
Thank you
It is interesting the pace is quick and is that how it’s supposed to be with classical? What’s the benefit of going quickly from one shape to the next like this? It takes strength and coordination to change quickly - yes 
Jaclyn K
Way too fast transitioning
Nicola S
Great cues but pace way too fast and chaotic sorry. No logical flow between exercises as having to change springs constantly .Am new to classical pilates though so not sure if this is normal?
Chanda Hinman
Nicola S, thank you for your comment. The traditional exercises have a cadence that can feel difficult to keep up with at first. Feel free to go your own pace and skip exercises as needed. Hopefully the order and pace will start to click with you and you will feel comfortable getting into your own flow. If you need other class recommendations, please let us know!
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