Knee Stretch Series<br>Diane Diefenderfer<br>Tutorial 4661

Knee Stretch Series
Diane Diefenderfer
Tutorial 4661

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Moorea P
This exercise is such a vital lower body filled series. I liked the showing of how not to do the exercise as well as emphasizing that this is not a shoulder arm pushing exercise. The cues of the spine were helpful too. 
Solana M
I loved what you said about the shape of the spine in the round back variation, it truly does look like a beautiful sculptural shape. The tactile cues and imagery that you use is so clear. The hold on the pelvis to resist the carriage is lovely. 
Emma M
This tutorial was really helpful. I enjoyed all the tactile cues to get the client in the current position. The incorrect demonstrations were really helpful as well.
Lauren S
Very informational tutorial! This really helped simplify teaching this exercise as it seems simple, but is quite difficult to cue! I loved the hands on approach helping the client as well. 
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